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What We Do

We supply just about anything to do with pools.

If you want to build a pool or have a pool then we can help you.

We supply on a DIY Cash & Carry basis but we do have several pool engineers covering most aspects, pool building, replacement liners, tiling, plumbing, coping stone replacement as well as the general routine servicing and equipment repairs.

For Pool Owners

Chemicals to Sanitise, for Water Balance and Speciality problem solvers.

Pumps and Filters

Filter Media  - Sand, filter cartridges, diatomaceous earth

Replacement Liners - DIY or fitting can arranged

Solar Covers and Rollers

Winter Debris Covers

Heating - Electric , Gas Oil, Heat Pumps, Heat exchangers (using your domestic house boiler) and Solar.

Spares for pumps, filters, gas heaters, lights and most popular pool equipment

For Pool Builders

Flow Equipment - Skimmers, inlets drains etc.

Lights - LED and traditional Tungsten lights.

Ladders and Step units

Plumbing - 1½” & 2” White Pipe.

Liners - made to measure

Covers and Rollers

Heating - all types

Dehumidifiers for indoor pools


Coping Stones

Above Ground Pools

We used to stock the Doughboy range of family pools but the market has changed drastically over the last few years with the arrival of the cheap Chinese pools mostly sold by the DIY chain stores. We feel the quality and backup of the Doughboy pool is not what it was and prices of spare parts that are available are far too expensive. We still have some spare part stocks for product we have supplied over the last 30 years but are not generally replacing stocks as items are sold.

And Lots Lots More!

Spares - extensive ranges of products in stock.