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Antifoam Use to stop foaming in  Spa water. Very often foam Is caused by cosmetics so Best to shower before Using spa or hot tub.    1litre bottle £22 1L Foamaway £15


Bromine tablets can be used as an alternative to chlorine having the advantage of being more stable at higher temperatures. Best results when tablets are dosed via an erosion feeder. A floating dispenser may be used but you run the risk of damaging equipment if dispenser is close to skimmer for long periods. May often require additional a fast acting chlorine  as levels can drop quickly during heavy use.

2x½Kg Jar £22

1Kg Premier £29


Antiscale is essential in hard water

areas. Add to freshly filled spa before Heating the water

Add to freshly filled

Spas before heating.

Do not fill spa with softened water.

1litre bottle £21

1L Scaleaway £15

Download the Fi-clor Spa handbook here All these products and more are available to purchase from our shop. (While stocks last) Please note that some items now replaced at similar prices or HTH range at higher prices (August 2022) Spa Chemicals