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We have been selling the brand leader for more than 30 years. The quality of the products and packaging are superb.

Premium 5 granules are the best on the market and contain a very small quantity of algaecide and clarifier For best results test daily adding chlorine “little and often” Every 2 or 3 weeks a larger dose should be added to boost levels killing anything that may have built up a resistance to a constant chlorine level. Using the “Superfast” product for this purpose would be better still.

Superfast Shock granules. This calcium based chlorine is the strongest and fastest dissolving product on the market. Ideal replacement for liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) as it maintains its strength for years, easily stored and much more convenient.

Premium 5 tablets are best used in a feeder installed in the plant room or can use in a floating  dispenser. We think it is best not to place in skimmer basket as the tablets are very acidic and may result in premature failure of the system. O rings can degrade in the pump and filter and corrosion in the heating system.

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Fi-Clor Active Oxygen System

These new products are now in stock together with special test strips for monitoring levels.

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