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Winter Season

Winter is approaching fast and most outdoor pool owners are preparing their pools for the coming season. Close your pool using some shock chlorine to kill any living matter before adding the NoMoreAlgae. We have plenty of fresh liquid chlorine, Superfast Shock and our NoMoreAlgae. The shop is still open on Sunday mornings until clocks change for Greenwich Mean time or winter time. Last Sunday 20th October.

The Water Balance should be checked and adjusted as necessary. Another wet winter may cause the Calcium Hardness and Total Alkalinity levels to become depleted unless a substantial amount of fresh tap water is added when opening your pool. A water sample will be required if you want us to check the balance for you. We can offer full Balance check, plus “Total Dissolved Solids” and a report using the Spin Photometer for just £5. The latest updates for the Spin have been installed with improved accuracy and includes test for phosphates. (Food for Algae) A quick check (non Spin test )is still free which is strongly recommended if you are just opening or closing your pool and not sure where to begin. Again a water sample will be required.

We know several independent pool engineers who can professionally  open and close your pool as well as carrying out maintenance  tasks, sand and liner changes etc,  for you as required at realistic prices.


Patio Cleaner

Our Liquid chlorine shock is a great product to use on patios and paths. Start with a 50/50 solution in a plastic watering can. Can normally dilute further if stains not too stubborn. Use stiff brush and leave a quarter of an hour or so and rinse area. Be careful if rinsing with a pressure washer as grouting maybe dislodged.

Very Important! Wear old clothes, no matter how careful you are tiny splashes will ruin your cloths. Eye protection (goggles) also recommended. Good idea to use up old product for this purpose leaving the fresh supply for the pool.

Still only £17.50 for 20 Litres

The Waterlink Spin Photometer

We can’t believe we have been using our old Waterlink express photometer for 20 years now. It was “state of the art” at the time but now this latest updated version offers much greater potential accuracy in less than half the time. The same 8 tests are are carried out plus phosphates using just one disc.

The checks are for Free and total chlorine - sanitation

pH, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness - for Water Balance

Cyanuric Acid, Copper and Iron - chlorine stabiliser and metals.

Phosphates - Food for algae, often added by Water Board to combat                    metal from aging pipe work

We think it fair to charge a nominal £5 per test set (all 9 tests)

New software and firmware updating the original Spin has now been implemented. Phosphates are now included in the tests and overall accuracy has been enhanced


Use this product to keep your pool clear all Winter.

One bottle per 7,500 gallons or 35m³

 First check pH adding some pH reducer if over 7.5. Shock  pool with liquid chorine or Superfast Shock and brush walls  and floor. If chlorine level is around 10ppm 24 hours later  then add NoMoreAlgae.  If pH was over 7.8 then more pH  reducer will probably be required. Note that high chlorine  levels can interfere with pH readings so wait until chlorine  readings are less than 10ppm.

 Very wet weather may have lowered the overall water  balance on outdoor pools making the water more aggressive  - see below.

Please Note: We are now closed on Sundays until 29th March 2020.

Fi-Clor Pool Care Centre   

We are pleased to have been stocking the new Fi-Clor Premium 6 chlorine tablets  exclusive to Fi-Clor Pool Care Centres. Only available in 5Kg pack size, these new 250 gramme tablets will give your pool sand filter a boost each time new tablets are added. Feedback so far has been very positive, these tablets are making pool maintenance easier and results even better!

Same price as original 5Kg Premium 5 Tablets, the choice is yours!

Feedback received from users so far has been very encouraging!   

New Fi-Clor HTH Advanced Cal Hypo Tablets.

New hexagonal slow release tablet ideal for indoor pools and overstabilised pools

Picture: Waterlink Spin Photometer The Fi-Clor  Promotion! The promotion-for 2019 Waterproof playing cards Buy any three Fi-clor products and Get a free pack of playing cards

Variable Speed Sta-Rite

We have a limited number of these super efficient pumps in stock at the very special price of £750.

New more efficient permanent magnet motors run much cooler. The slower running speeds use much less electricity for slightly reduced water flow. Ideally needs a 24” filter with 1HP pump (¾HP min) to make real savings. This pump is a must if you have a Heat Pump or run pump 24 hours a day.

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